Updating mandrake packages

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Sure would be nice if it could find it's own dependencies. Looking through the RPMS, I installed all over again the packages without force and found the dependencies to make them work correctly. Somehow, the Software Sources Manager started working and updated my new updates CD.Mike I don't know what's on that CD, or if there are instructions or what, but if all the rpms are in the one directory, and it's been properly set up with all dependencies present, I'd try something like mounting the CD, and entering the directory where the rpms are, and typing: rpm -Uvh *If it still complains about dependencies, and you feel lucky (this could break some of the software if dependencies are really not met) rpm -Uvh --nodeps *My guess is that you don't have all the packages installed that contain dependencies that these rpms you're trying to install need. This made installation of updates easy since it was now locating the needed dependencies.

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It is also worthy to note that apt-get is available for RPM-based systems, so versions for Red Hat Linux or Fedora Core (or even Su SE or Mandrake) are available as a download from the Internet.---------------------------------------You are reading Linux Tutorial: Packaging, Updating, and Installing1.

If xargs calls for any dependencies, it will be resolved automatically, and those packages get pulled in automatically too.

This is similar with Debian and apt.# apt-cache search xargs# apt-get install xargs If you want to install a downloaded RPM or DEB file manually, it can be performed like,# rpm -ivh xargs.rpmor# dpkg -i And if you're manually upgrading a package, use,# rpm -Uvh The above command will upgrade the package if it is already installed or install it if it is not.

To search the yum database for a piece of software, you can invoke,# yum search xargswhere xargs is an example of an application that needs to be installed.

Yum will report if it finds xargs, and if its successful, performing,# yum install xargswill be all that is required.

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