Updating abn details

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There are a number of different business addresses you need to keep up to date.

This includes your service of documents address (where we send correspondence) and your principal place of business.

Sole authorised contacts cannot be removed from the ABR, but you can update contact details.

If you are the sole authorised contact for a former client, your details can only be removed once a new contact is added.

These transactions can be entered from the Setup menu If you need to change your ABN details after creating your company file, you can do it here. N Branch is sometimes referred to as a The Payee Number is provided to you by MYOB if you're using M-Powered Invoices.

If you submit Instalment Activity Statements and you don't have an ABN, you need to enter your TFN (Tax File Number). It's a unique number that identifies payments for your business, so don't change it unless advised by MYOB.

If you need to know your Payee Number, please contact MYOB on 1300 555 123. If you've changed some details in the Company Information window but the old details are still showing on your forms, such as your invoices, it means the details have been added to the form in a text box.

To change it, you'll need to open the customised form and edit the text box.

That way, for example, you avoid having to pick up post from an old address. You can send in a change of address up to three months in advance.

Learn more about disqualification If your business name details contain sensitive information, it's possible to ask us to supress the details so they're hidden on our public register.

Find out more about suppression You can only add or remove a partner from a partnership if it's possible under your partnership agreement.

Adding an ABN to your business name will allow people, banks, and other organisations to search and verify your business details Learn how to add your ABN to your business name.

You can request a correction to the register if there's a typographic error or an error in the birth details for a business name holder. You are disqualified from holding a business name if you have been convicted of a criminal offence as outlined in the Business Names Registration Act, or if you're disqualified under the Corporations Act.

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