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Editor’s Note: Griffin Gotta’s weekly MNF coverage on MSF is sponsored for the second straight year by Sadler’s Smokehouse, a producer of premium pit smoked meats that are best described by Sadler’s slogan: Legendary since 1948.

You really throw out the records most of the time – and now I sound like Mike Ditka. But really, the only constant between the Bears and Packers over recent years is the fact that they are never heading in the same direction.

Yes, they got away with one in that win over Detroit, but a win in Dallas is no easy task.

If they are ever going to feel good about themselves this year, it’s going to be this week.

With these teams, nothing ever happens when you think it will.

I wrote in my season preview of the Bears that I thought they had a solid team in place with a lot of uncertainty fraying the edges. Will Cutler and Mike Martz’s offensive system get along?

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