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Still, Collins repeatedly said he concluded it was a prepubescent doll based on its height of about 120 centimetres, around four feet tall, and a related website that advertised child sex dolls.“If the doll we have is higher than 120 centimetres, does that call into question your conclusions? Collins said no, not if it still represents a sexually immature or prepubescent depiction.The trial is scheduled to continue through Thursday and resume for two days starting April 6.Such materials are also child porn if they primarily depict, for a sexual purpose, a sexual organ or anal region of anyone under 18.Collins testified as an expert witness who is frequently consulted by police on such cases.

Defence lawyer Bob Buckingham, representing Harrisson, questioned whether Collins based his conclusions on preconceived notions to the exclusion of other possibilities.“You already had your mind made up, didn’t you? Collins confirmed under cross-examination that his report on the case did not include specific proportional measurements such as hip or foot size.

Verdicts were delivered on 24 October 2004, with all but one of the defendants convicted on at least some of the charges they were facing.

Those found guilty were sentenced on 29 October 2004.

Key issues include whether the case constitutes child pornography if no actual child was involved.

It also raises the limits of free expression and whether laws have become outmoded by technology such as animated sex acts.

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