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Persons eligible for appointment shall have a continuous recorded registration pursuant to title 16, chapter 1 with the same political party or as an independent for at least two years immediately preceding appointment. Grant and deny applications in accordance with the provisions of this title. Adopt rules in order to carry out the provisions of this section. Hear appeals and hold hearings as provided in this section. Except as provided in subsection A of this section, the director shall administer the provisions of this title, including: 1.

No more than two members may be appointed from the same county. The governor shall appoint the director, pursuant to section 38‑211, who shall be a qualified elector of the state and experienced in administrative matters and enforcement procedures. Adopting rules: (a) For carrying out the provisions of this title.

Have exclusive custody and direction of all state fair property, construct and maintain necessary improvements in connection therewith, and assist in raising funds therefor. Direct and conduct state fairs, exhibits, contests and entertainments for the purposes of promoting and advancing the pursuits and interests of the several counties and of the state, and of producing sufficient revenue to defray the expenses incurred by the board in conducting such events. Charge entrance fees and gate money, and temporarily lease stalls, stands, booths and sites for the purpose of defraying the expenses incurred. Give prizes or premiums for exhibits and contests which are presented or sponsored by the board in connection with the annual state fair. Monies received pursuant to this paragraph shall not be placed in the general fund. Adopt rules necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter. Prohibit the issuance of a free pass, ticket or box to any person for any activity at the Arizona coliseum and exposition center, except that this paragraph shall not apply to the state fair and any lessees of the Arizona coliseum and exposition center. The board may exempt from subsection A, paragraphs 2 and 3 such educational, agricultural and mineral exhibits as in its opinion are in the best interest of the state and not contrary to any outstanding obligations the board might have incurred. Compensation of all employees shall be as determined pursuant to section 38‑611. The executive director shall: (a) With the advice and consent of the board, appoint either the coliseum manager or the comptroller as deputy director to perform the functions, powers and duties of the executive director if the executive director is unable to act.

(b) appoint or remove in the manner prescribed by law such personnel considered necessary for the efficient work of the Arizona coliseum and exposition center. Required to make and submit to the board monthly reports covering all activities of the Arizona coliseum and exposition center. In addition to other duties assigned by the executive director, the comptroller shall: 1.

One member shall be a member of a neighborhood association recognized by a county, city or town. Members' terms expire on the third Monday in January of the appropriate year.

A panel may take any action which the board is authorized to take pursuant to this title.

Such action includes the ability to hold hearings and hear appeals of administrative disciplinary proceedings of licenses issued pursuant to this chapter.

Until January 1, 2015, the department may charge a fee for providing these services. Accept electronic signatures on all department and licensee forms and documents and applications.

The director may adopt requirements that would require facsimile signatures to be followed by original signatures within a specified time period. A county or municipality may enact and enforce ordinances regulating the age and conduct of erotic entertainers at licensed premises in a manner at least as restrictive as rules adopted by the director. To be eligible for appointment as director, a person must have a minimum of five years of experience in business and administration and shall not have a financial interest in a racetrack or in the racing industry in this state during C.

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