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That’s why adding an adjustable weight system has been one of the major design features which we’ve put on the feature list from the start of the project.

Two weight compartments with chambers for two weights each are housed in the grips of the controller.

The smaller left analogue stick, with its concave head, gives the player the grip and confidence they need during competitive gameplay.

The D-pad features 4 extra large wings, to make sure the player never loses control while switching between Left joystick and D-pad.

Shortcuts can be mapped directly on the controller or via the PC companion app.

The user can select a range of settings based on the game they are playing.

Imagine a new controller that takes your PS4 gaming to the Next level. Fully customisable and unmatched precision, the REVOLUTION Pro Controller will offer gamers the possibility to setup their controller for each game and be more efficient in competition.

Imagine you can access PS4's unveiled capabilities and change the rules ! Comfortable for the hands, pleasing for the eyes, but tough and durable when it comes down to the competition – these were the requirements we set when we started to design the Revolution Pro Controller.

The REVOLUTION Pro Controller is built in a way which will ensure a long lifetime, and the detachable braided cable achieves this.

By controlling gameplay via the 3m USB braided cable, players can enjoy minimal latency - ideal in a tournament environment where every second counts.

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