Are noodle and 2d dating

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or that thing you pass off as me" She snapped in reply, refusing to look in his direction, her hugging grip on her legs getting tighter.

Murdoc gave a sigh, dragging his hand down his face."Luv, try to look at it in our point of view.

Summary- Noodle is back with the band on Plastic Beach, but is not happy when she finds out 2D and the Android are dating.

It is soon found out why.2Dx Noodle type story, (I think I failed at that, but ah well lol) Enjoy!

He put an arm around her, which startled her.2D gave her a kiss on the head, and wrapped his other arm around her front, giving her a tight cuddle.

Noodle didn't know what to say, she had never been in this close contact with 2D since before she went missing after El Manana. I ain't got tha' bad of memory, I can remember that yeh 'ad a very cute, pretty face" He smiled at her, this again caused Noodle to blush.

Yeh were no where to be found" he explained taking a seat in the space next to her."So you replaced me? Did you not feel guilty that you had..." She stopped that sentence then realised who it was she was actually talking to and sighed.

"Nevermind..."Murdoc hesitantly put a hand on her shoulder, not fully knowing what horrors she went through in Hell, and how it affected her, mentally and physically.

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" Another voice came from behind, she quickly put the mask back on and turned to see 2D, and the andriod whose linking arms with him."Yes 2D?

" he asked again grabbing the bottom of the mask and began lifting it up.

She stopped him quickly, "Please don't""Luv, yeh know yeh can show ol' Mudsy anything"Noodle raised an eyebrow at that statement, although its hidden behind the mask, somehow Murdoc knew what face she was pulling."Well not everything...unless yeh want to" Murdoc smirked giving his usual perverted chuckle. She then grabbed the bottom of her mask and lifted it up.

She jumped slightly at the contact, but relaxed when she knew she wasn't in any danger."M'sorry Noodle"There was a slight pause, until Noodle put her hand on his, that was still placed on her shoulder and gave it a small squeeze."I missed you guys...much" Noodle choked trying to not cry in front of Murdoc."We missed yeh too luv" Murdoc replied using his other hand to pat her head.

He looked Noodle up and down, still not getting over how his little 10 year old, that arrived in a Fed Ex crate had grown up."Murdoc""Yeah? ""I don't think 'es all there in teh 'ead to be honest Noodle.

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