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I do think, though, that there are definitely plenty of inclusive RPG players out there!In fact, you may already know some who haven't mentioned it, so I suggest exploring that first - see below.So you might try checking out local LGBT friendly groups, if there are ones nearby.(It always amazes me how people can get freaked out just by someone role-playing in a role-playing game. ) If you are looking for games that will gladly accept queer characters, I'd start looking in places where sexual preferences usually matter, and very often are the main reason for roleplay: the people there is more used to considering those issues into the "finding someone to play with" equation.

Each of these posts are there until edited, deleted, or archived.There are several subredits there that may be of interest, such as the roll20LFG subredit.My Two Cents In general, you would want to go to people who are friendly and open-minded, and see if they are willing to play a game, rather than going to people who want to play a game, and then trying to ensure they are all friendly and open-minded.Due to the nature of the site, I'm pretty sure it is a good place to start your search, because people there are unusually open about gender* and, even if someone is not ok with having a queer in their game, the whole sexuality thing is so in the open that talking about it openly shouldn't really be a problem. Your last sentence is part of why I chose not to answer this question.Keep in mind that this is still the anonymous Internet, where trolls, haters and nasty people lurk. The person asking the question is acting as advocate for someone who seems, per the askers points, is not comfortable with how often they run into rejection and negative energy.

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